Knowing that the advances in technology in the 21st century allowed an increased access to various issues to a wide (and growing) consumer base, it is not surprising to learn that Food safety and Food security became the hot topics over the last 10 years. Today’s consumers have the access to information and have the resources to make a significant impact on everyone involved in the Food Supply Chain. Safe Food for Canadians Act in Canada and Food Safety Modernization Act in the USA are the regulatory mechanisms instituted to protect the consumers in these countries.


Producers and manufacturers are now not only required to satisfy the ever-growing Quality standards, but also more and more prominent Food Safety Standards. Both of these requirements deal with the risks associated with unintentional contamination within the food production. However, the governments around the world also recognized the need to protect their citizen (consumers) from intentional contamination and adulteration of food. This led to creation of two additional categories of food protection; Food Fraud and Food Security.

Bearing in mind the four different aspects of food protection, the clear distinction between the contaminant and adulterant is being made: “An adulterant is something that is intentionally added while a contaminant is something that occurs by accident or in association with another act” (read more at (Spink and Moyer, 2013)

An interesting reading about the topic from a Canadian perspective can be found at (Mayers, 2015).

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Mayers, P. (2015). A Closer Look at Food Safety in Canada. Food Safety Magazine. Retrieved on January 17, 2016. From:

Spink, J. & Moyer, D.C. (2013). Understanding and Combating Food Fraud. Food Technology magazine, Volume 67, Number 1, pp. 30-35. Retrieved on January 17, 2016, From:



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